...........the evidence of things not seen.

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." ~ Hebrews Chapter 11 Verse 1 This blog is log of my journey addressing late-in-life motherhood, housekeeping against the odds, living with fibromyalgia, and finding some answers to life's most basic but intractable problems along the way.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

...toxic mold, baby clothes, and my life thus far.

I.....can....not.....believe....the.....number......of baby clothes I have destroyed over this past year, due to my lack of immediate attention to stains, wetness and what not.

There is a metaphor for my life in this statement.

I am cleaning my bedroom. My bedroom is an utter mess. It suffers, so I can keep the rest of my house in order. (There is a metaphor in that statement, as well.)

On the bedroom door I found a plastic bag containing a wet, moldy, yellow footsie pajama. The pajama was peppered with black mold- the kind that is probably toxic. I have to throw this piece of clothing out. This is not the first time. If I had put this pajama in the laundry when I first got it wet, about a week or two ago-- I would not be throwing it/money/needed clothing/future heirlooms down the drain. Instead, I put it on hold.

On Hold=Toxic Mold.

How much longer will I go on creating toxic, black mold in my life????

Whatever...........I've been putting off starting a blog for months. I'm starting my blog today. I hope you like it. I've got a lot of really good and unique answers to the problems of life.

.........but obviously I don't have the answer to everything.